The latest innovation from Caroma is the new Cleanflush Toilets with a Rimless Bowl combined with innovative flush & flow technology.

Rimless design is the new standard in toilets and the Caroma Cleanflush is at the forefront of this.The Caroma Cleanflush has precise flush stream that effectively clears the bowl & with the controlled water flow it eliminates splash back.

By Removing the Rim of the Bowl, there's Nowhere for Germs to Hide. And by adding Caroma’s award winning flush and flow features we've created a superior flushing performance that delivers cleaner clean for all Australians.

The Caroma Cleanflush technology is available in the Caroma Luna Cleanflush, Urbane II Cleanflush, Liano Cleanflush and Some of the Care Toilet Range.

Below is a video on the Award Winning Cleanflush Technology showing how it works and for any more Information Contact us.