Brodware is a Australian owned Manufacturing company Since 1964. Brodware has been committed to design authentic, innovative and quality products.

Brodware manufactures all their products including plating of their PVD finishes at their factory in Sydney, Australia. We believe this is vital in ensuring you get the quality product that you are expecting when purchasing Brodware.

Brodware offers more that 29 Colour finishes which inlclude the Premium Infinium PVD Finish and Organic Natural finishes. Leadtimes do apply on the production of fixtures in most colours except chrome.

Brodware has a selection of Classic Collections and Contemporary Collections.

The Brodware Classic Collection consists of the Winslow, Neu England, Michelangelo, Classique and the Paris Collections.


The Brodware Contemporary Collection consists of the City Stik, City Que, City Plus, Yokato, Yokato Disc, Nanobar, Halo & Halo Marble, Manhattan, Industrica, Minim, Memphis, SQ75 & SQ Lux Collections.


Also newly added Coco Heated Rails, Solo heated rails, Brosmart Sensor range and Brolife products for Care and Accessible Products.

Certain category of Brodware products are occasionally sourced from first-class international suppliers to supplement their standard collection, namely the Neox collection as well as our European sinks and sanitaryware. 

Brodware is so confident in their Australian quality that customers can relax in the knowledge that their purchase is covered by a 20year warranty,T&C's do apply.

Tuck Plumbing fixtures Perth Showroom have been appointed as one of the Resellsers of the Premium Brodware Fixtures in Perth, Australia.