Recessed Walls

Forget study nooks, bathroom nooks are a hit right now, guaranteed to make your friends follow suit. Not only do they add an interesting dimension to any room, they are functional storage spaces too. Most of us (especially with women in the house) know how much of a headache it is to try to fit everything in bathroom cupboards or drawers. A niche can be built in a shower, or beside a bath. You can do this by tiling or using mirrors to create a sense of depth.

Above Counter Basins

Any fans of The Block out there? Well, if you tuned into the hit show last season you’d be aware of the push towards sleek and stylish above counter basins. We’ve heard whispers, they’ll be back again in 2018. We want to help your bathroom look not only Instagram worthy, but prime time television worthy too. If you feel like something a little different, why not check out the Pittella Kool basin? It’s a show stopper.

Freestanding Bath Tubs

They're gaining more and more attention, and even more likes on the gram. The best part is there are so many options to choose from. Claw footed to flat bottom, perhaps you want to break away from traditional white. If you love the monochrome theme, look no further than our Decina Kolora Freestanding Bath. Sophisticated, elegant and edgy. Did we mention it comes with a 10-year warranty?

LED Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors might make you think of the backstage area of a runway show, but why not enjoy a bit of glitz and glamour in your own home? Technology has come a long way, and so has the look of LED mirrors. Not only sleek and modern, but practical for any bathroom makeover.

Bathroom “Boho”

Keen Instagrammers would be aware of the boho interior design phenomenon. The word ‘Bohemian’ has notched up an impressive seven million hashtags alone. Now the style is being embraced in bathrooms, and we’re excited. The best part is, it can be done on any budget and is as simple as including some greenery. Tip from the experts, try Devil's Ivy. It thrives in the heat and looks lush in a hanging pot.

Feeling inspired? Well, get #hashtagging or better yet give us a call to see what we can do to help make your bathroom Instagram worthy. Then just watch the likes roll in.