Here at Tuck we’re passionate about kitchens, a tad obsessed even (there, we admitted it)! We are all too aware a beautiful and functional kitchen is what many of us aim for when we build, renovate or remodel. But, we are also aware the kitchen is one room of the house that has a tendency to attract mess, at times it’s even chaotic (a bit like the little one’s bedrooms). So, we’ve dug around and spoken to the experts to find the best ways to keep the kitchen looking and feeling fresh, while still being a usable and practical space. Some of it comes down to smart design, others are just a few simple tricks - that you may not have thought of.


Walkways in a kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide, and the paths through the cooking zone should be should be 42 inches wide for one-cook zones and 48 inches for two-cook. By being conscious of walkways while designing your kitchen, you immediately create a more spacious looking and feeling zone.


Sounds simple, but by removing food items and less used appliances from bench tops you immediately create a wonderful sense of space. It’s as simple as finding a spot for them in cupboards and pantries. Also, organise the areas you store these items, in particular foods, sauces and oils using containers. Label them and arrange them according to use. Tip; if you don’t want to spend top dollar, pop into Ikea or Kmart. There are plenty of cheap and practical choices.


While we’re on the subject of storing foods, keep the kid’s favourite treats in spots out of easy reach. On higher shelves, or in drawers that can’t be easily opened.


Many of us are conscious of the need to recycle these days, but too often the milk carton or empty juice container ends up next to the regular trash can on the floor. Try equipping a cabinet with separate bins for glass, plastic, and metal. Why not check out our Franke Sorter 300-45 Duo - waste sorter system. It comes with two 21 litres bins, frame & one lid with charcoal filter. Ask us about it today.


They’ve been used in classrooms for as long as we can remember, but putting a chalkboard up in the kitchen allows busy families to keep on top of the weekly routine and what food shopping needs to be done. It can look stylish too, as long as you prevent the little ones from adding their own ‘artwork’.


Not only can knives look unattractive and intimidating on bench spaces, it’s not always safe when we have young tackers around. Assign sharp knives to a particular drawer with slots to sheath and hold the blades safely in place.


Especially in smaller kitchens, keep the colour scheme light. Monochrome has been a popular choice for several years now, and admittedly can look stunning. However, interior designers say it has the tendency to close in small spaces even further.

If you’re Remodelling your kitchen, why not give us a call. No, we won’t pop around to clean it for you (we’re not that generous). However, we are experts when it comes to finding the perfect fixtures for making your kitchen the envy of all of your friends. Call us today!