How to choose the Best Vanity Unit for Your New Bathroom Design:

The look of your apartment is incomplete without a well-chosen vanity unit that suits your bathroom design. Your bathroom must match the trendy look of the rest of the house. Vanity unit that includes a basin with storage space underneath can give your bathroom a contemporary look. It can also provide you with space for storing toiletries and other essential items. The bathroom vanity units come in different styles and designs. Therefore, you need to find such a bathroom vanity that will match your bathroom design and also not challenge the look of your new apartment. You can select from the full range of vanity units in Perth.

What is a Vanity Unit?

Your bathroom vanity is the focal point of your bathroom.  It is a functional piece of furniture that can be wall hung or freestanding and is a combination of a basin, a benchtop, and storage. With a large range of options in materials you can create a very personalised bathroom vanity to suit your needs. The bathroom vanity unit can dictate the overall style of your space, so remember to compliment the look you are after with the design, materials and colours you choose.

How to choose the best vanity for your bathroom!

To understand which vanity would suit you best you need to first understand the size of the space you are filling. You want your bathroom vanity to look great and also be functional. Think of all the items you wish to store in the space and what vanity can offer you that storage option.

Now that you know the space you need to fill and what storage you need you can match that with the type of bathroom vanity units that are on offer.

Which type of vanity?

A Floor standing Vanity can house 1 or 2 sinks it can have individual legs or cabinetry down to the floor. The Floor standing vanity will offer you a wide range of cabinetry colours and timbers and the tops are generally ceramic, stone or laminate. This is a classic look that suits most classic styles.

A Wall hung Vanity unit gives you the same options of 1 or 2 sinks, a choice of cabinetry colours and benchtop options but offers the added illusion of space thanks to the unit being hung from the wall and allowing us to see more of the tiled floor.

Powder-room Vanity is a smaller cabinetry unit that offers a sink and a small amount of storage for the just the essentials to be housed in one of the smallest rooms in your home. A basin, tap and enough storage for hand soap and this little vanity can still offer a stylish solution for your space.

For extra storage in your smaller hard to furnish rooms, you could opt for a mirrored shaving cabinet or a toilet/sink combination. Being creative with your storage allows you to stay functional while not impacting the space you are in.

How exciting, you now have your space planned with your chosen style of vanity but which brands offer you all these choices?

Bathroom vanity brands.

Timberline Bathroom Products range offers a wide range of Australian made bathroom vanity units, including the freestanding and wall hung options, mirrored shaving cabinetstallboys and extras and a fabulous range of your favourite stone benchtops and laminate options to create exactly what you need to create a stylish bathroom. Timberline Bathroom Products online visualiser allows you to play around with the different options to see how your combination will look before you head into store.

ADP (Architectural Designer Products) keeps up with all the latest trends in vanity design and offers you a mix of contemporary design ideas within the Shaving Cabinet offering and wall hung bathroom vanity units. Their freestanding units offer a painted finish in colours that have been picked straight out of your latest home magazines.

Rifco vanities are found in almost every collage collection without you even realising. Their designs and ideas have been part of the Australian homes since 1975. They offer quality Vanity cabinets and shaving cabinets with various materials and a range of sizes to suit almost every room.

Buy Premium Bathroom Vanities & Vanity Cabinet Units

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