2020 brought with it an abundance of terror in our lives; 2021 seems to be following its course too. We are now spending more time than ever at our homes to keep ourselves and our loved ones around us safe.

The emergence of the ‘Work From Home' era has led to people paying attention to their comfort level at home. As most of our time is spent at home, why not make it as luxurious and appealing as possible? When we talk about comfort and luxury, how can we miss out on bathrooms? Let's look at how your bathrooms can receive a stylish makeover from the leading Bathroom Shop in Osborne Park.

1. Smart Toilets - The Future Is Here

Are you someone who is a germaphobe and is petrified of touching surfaces? No problem at all! Smart toilets will help you recover from your 'icky' feeling and ensure that your toilet is spick and span. Take a look at some of the leading smart toilets from our partner TOTO.

Smart bathrooms often provide self-cleaning technology such as self-closing lids and touch-free flushing. Some models are equipped with bacteria-killing light under the lid.

Check out our extensive innovative toilet lineup in our Bathroom Showroom in Perth.

2. Spa Sanctuaries - Relaxation Is The Middle Name

The weekend is here, you need to relax, but all the spas are shut? Spa sanctuaries are the ultimate retreat.

As the name suggests, it offers your bathroom the luxury of a spa. The bathroom spa baths allow you to choose the temperature, water pressure and flow best suited for you. Check out our range of bathroom spa bathtubs.

So why wait when you can have your own customized spa experience in your home? Live your life like a superstar.

3. Floating Vanities - How Cool Is That?

You must be familiar with the standard vanities that many Bathroom Shops in Osborne Park offer. However, you can further personalize your bathroom with a floating vanity, time to forget your old, boring off-the-shelf cabinet? Floating vanities can help you double your storage with a plethora of choices; you can customize it like never before!

Allow us to make your bathroom 'truly yours’. Turn your imagination of your perfect bathroom into reality with the help of our Bathroom Showroom in Perth. Yes, it’s possible!

4. Minimalist Designs - Less Is More

Did you know that being simple is the new trend?

 The minimalist aesthetic offers a very classy depiction of your design. It creates a very pleasing atmosphere and appeals to the eye with its calmness. Simplistic designs lend themselves to a clean environment. They are perfect to start the day with a clear head or to even unwind before going to bed. Minimalist designs do not subtract luxury, in fact, they provide an uncluttered space, which is the true sign of luxury.

Our bathroom shop in Osborne Park offers various options to choose from to build the ultimate minimalist luxury bathroom?

5. Natural Elements And Unique Outdoor Showers - Feel Fresh Always!

This trend is inspired by living being as close to nature as possible. These elements display magnificence by putting us in touch with our roots – our own Mother Nature!

 Natural elements are well appreciated for their texture and freshness they add to the decor and the ambience. Materials such as wood and stone can be used in a wide variety of ways to have a welcoming and impressive look. Such designs also offer a touch of relaxation as they bring an instant character to modern bathrooms. 

The range of unique outdoor bathroom showers offers breathtaking views with natural elements. Imagine rinsing off under the glorious sun (or even the twinkling stars!). You can completely immerse yourself in nature with the perfect outdoor view. You can create your shower with a few simple fixtures, or you can create a spa-worthy oasis that rivals any indoor shower.

6. Backlit Mirrors - Have A Lit Lifestyle

Backlit mirrors are an exceptional choice to modernize your bathroom's appeal. Mirrored vanity cabinets for the bathroom with lights offer ambient lighting without added glare or reflections on the mirror. They can even double as a nightlight when dimmed.

LED Mirror Cabinets come in a variety of shapes with eye-catching lighting that is decorative as well as functional. These beautiful backlit mirrors create a glowing effect on the wall giving an illusion of a floating mirror.

These feature pieces can be used to create a focal point or highlight textured wall surfaces behind any fixtures. Our plumbing supplies store in Perth offers a wide variety of LED mirrors for bathrooms in Australia.

Liked what you have read? Wish to paint out your thoughts and transform them into an actual bathroom space? Visit our bathroom showrooms in Perth and see your vision come to life.

We were hoping you could stay up to date with all the latest bathroom trends and even feel the experience in reality. Allow us to transform your life and add colour to your life.

Do not underestimate the power of an exquisite bathroom experience.